You will be happy to know that the short answer to if you can lose weight fast is YES! I’m sure you can think of examples of people you know, or testimonials of people online that lost huge amounts of weight in very short periods of time.

What’s their secret? What are they doing that we don’t know about?

Well I’ll tell you, and it’s nothing fancy. They are barely eating! And unfortunately, for all of these people that eat very low calorie diets to drop weight fast, they will always gain it back and in most cases add even more on.

You simply can’t sustain eating a very low Calorie diet over the long term.

To give you a quick example, let’s use my Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR. That’s the amount of energy my body requires when I am just staying alive. Not exercising, not even walking! Just breathing, heat beating and blinking.

My RMR works out to roughly 2030 Calories a day. So imagine if I tried to eat a 1500 Calorie diet, as an example. I would lose weight in the beginning, and quickly, but eventually my body would start to breakdown protein into amino acids, and convert them into a usable energy source.

I would start losing muscle mass, along with fat. My metabolic rate would slow way down to try to survive off of 1500 Calories a day. I would continue to lose muscle mass in order to bring down my RMR, so that my body can survive.

After all, that’s our bodies job, keep us alive at any cost. Even that precious muscle tissue would be sacrificed in the name of survival. That very muscle tissue is what increases our RMR when we have more of it, but now I’m losing it!

Once I got fed up with my diet, which everyone does at some point, I’d naturally start eating a little more. But now I don’t have as much as that metabolically active muscle tissue to burn off the seconds, the fast food meal, or extra helping of apple pie and ice-cream.

The weight starts to come back on, and with a vengeance! This is, of course the Yo-Yo phenomenon. You may see it explained in different ways, but the result is the same.

Have You Ever Yo-Yo’d?

I lost count of how many clients I have worked with over the past 12 years that have told me about how much weight they lost X number of years ago, only to put it all back on and then some.

Much of the strategies they used were the same. You might tick some of these off yourself as you read through:

  • I gave up eating junk food, drinking soda and walked everyday
  • I joined Weight Watchers
  • I ate Keto, or the Atkins diet
  • I gave up Bread and desserts
  • I stopped drinking alcohol
  • I stopped eating after supper, no more late night snackng
  • I stopped eating take-out

I could list many more little things here, but this should give you a general idea. Many of these strategies are good ideas, but for whatever reason they didn’t work forever.

But Why?

The Change Is Too BIG!

Personally, I think things like these don’t work because even though on paper it doesn’t look like they are giving up or changing much, it was too big of a change to their lifestyle to make it sustainable.

Here is my own answer to some of these Nutrition goals:

Never eat junk food again? Unrealistic! I have kids. Occasionally, my son and I love to share some Root Beer and Salt and Vins (Salt and Vinegar Chips) as he likes to call them.

Join Weight Watchers? No one is going to live eating on a point system for the rest of their lives.

Keto Diet? I’m not knocking Keto to anyone who has used it to lose weight or improve other aspects of their health. I just love sandwiches, nacho’s, pizza, and home fries WAAAYYY too much to ever make this a lifelong habit.

Bread and Desserts? See above! And who doesn’t like to indulge in a delicious dessert from time to time (I’m sorry, but sometimes the healthy alternatives just don’t cut it).

I stopped drinking alcohol? This is one I can actually get behind. And while Shelley and I don’t really drink much at all, I can see how this would be very hard for some people to maintain over years.

I stopped eating after supper, no more late night snacking? Another habit I don’t really have, but a hard one to break if you like to get together with the guys to watch the game, or with the ladies to watch…. Keeping up with the Kardashians??

I stopped eating take-out? Yeah Right! Again I have kids and we live close to Dairy Queen. Score Blizzard anyone??

Your answers to these questions might sound a lot like mine, because it’s the reality, especially when you have kids.

So what is the answer then? How do we lose unwanted weight, get leaner, and stay that way, for the rest of our lives?

Without changing things about our lives that we can’t imagine giving up.

Develop the Skill of Changing

If you could pick one small thing that you could do today to help you become just a little bit healthier, what would it be?

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator?
  • Plan to make one healthy meal?
  • Drink an extra glass of water?
  • Go for a small walk at some point today?
  • Get outside with your kids/Grandkids and play something with them?
  • Don’t go for seconds at supper
  • Try doing a couple of the core exercises we have demonstrated on

Do some, if not all of these small little tasks seem a bit more realistic than the examples I listed above?

That’s because they are! They are examples of single task oriented goals that hopefully make you think, “I could manage that, or that’s easy!”

That’s the whole point! You can’t shoot for the stars, when you haven’t even made it off the ground.


“My friends Aunt started the ‘Big Bellies and Burgers to Barbells and Bikini’s’ program 6 weeks ago and she lost like 25lbs. I need to do that program, she said it’s awesome. The diet is a little hard, but you should see her! She looks amazing!”

Does the above statement sound familiar? I bet it does!

‘Big Bellies and Burgers to Barbells and Bikini’s’ is not an actual program, as far as I know anyway….lol

Unfortunately, like many others, this same Aunt that lost 25lbs in a flash will most likely put it all back on, plus a few more.

What gives?

A lack of the skill to change the very behaviors that cause us to gain weight in the first place.

A strict diet and intense exercise program will work for a period of time, but it will fail in the long run because it’s not addressing underlying unhealthy habits and roadblocks to progress. Here are some examples:

  • Stress eating (a.k.a. emotional eating)
  • Eating when we aren’t hungry
  • Eating too quickly
  • Unhealthy snacking between meals
  • Eating very little during the day, followed by binging at night
  • Poor planning and preparation!!
  • Weekend binging with friends and family
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Lack of support from your spouse/family/friends

As you can imagine from the above examples, many of these habits have years of practice under their belts. And if you were to start an exercise program that runs three days a week, with an accompanying meal plan, you would basically have to eliminate all these habits at once!

If it took years to gain weight, and develop unhealthy habits, then it’s okay for it to take more than 6 or 12 weeks to lose all the weight, and change all the unhealthy habits.

Take a deep breath, try to relax, and TAKE YOUR TIME!

Where Can You Be One Year From Today?

Ask yourself this question. Do you think a year is enough time to change your unhealthy habits?

Lose the unwanted pounds you have on?

And most importantly, make the results stick for the rest of your life.

Think you can do it all yourself? Or would you like a little help?

If we could all do it without any help, I don’t think there would be a Health and Fitness Industry. The problem is, as with any field, how do you separate the valuable information from the absolute non-sense?

And if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a program, you want to make sure you are acquiring knowledge that you can take with you, and not just list of meals to eat, and strict rules to follow. You also don’t want to spend a fortune.

If you have ever worked with a Personal Trainer or even looked into it, you know it can be a small fortune to hire one, and keep working with them for the length of time required to see significant results. I know this, because I am one!

If I see a client three times a week, it would run them around $960.00 per month! Crazy right?

Let’s knock it down to twice a week, and now you are only looking at $640.00 per month. Only half your mortgage payment now!

Realistically, there isn’t many people that can afford this over the long term, and with how expensive everything is in 2019, perhaps you can’t afford this at all. I can’t afford to hire myself!

If you really feel you need the help, there is a better way now!

The Last Program You Will Ever Need, and Can Afford

If I told you that you could have Coaching for an entire year, with daily lessons and habits to follow, would you think it was worth the cost of one personal training session per month? That’s $79.99 a month by the way.

Sound more affordable than almost $1000.00 per month? Just a little hey?

Enter ProCoach

ProCoach is an online Nutrition Program that was developed by Precision Nutrition, one of the largest Nutrition companies in the world.

You can check out their website here:

One of it’s Co-Founders, Dr. John Berardi is one of the most brilliant Nutrition Minds in the Health and Fitness Industry.

So can just any “Online Fitness Expert” become your Coach? Not a chance.

Only Precision Nutrition Level 1 and 2 Certified Coaches can access this program to coach their clients online. I was fortunate enough to become certified in 2009, and have followed Precision Nutrition ever since.

I always thought Dr. Berardi’s approach was the best in the Health and Fitness Industry, and ProCoach is no exception. It encompasses Precision Nutrition’s philosophy into a year long program that is broken down into two week phases.

Each two week phase focuses on one single habit to practice for the whole two weeks. That’s right, just one habit at a time, done nice and slow.

In fact, you will be six weeks into your program before it even gives you any specific recommendations as to what you should be eating, and you may even have a few pounds gone!

How is that possible you might ask? Because this program goes deeper than just telling you what, or what not to eat. It’s addresses many of the issues we listed above.

Shelley and I have been using the program as well, so we can feel the process as clients. We are 10 weeks in and here is our progress thus far:

Make A Change That Will Stick

Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is the biggest challenge for most people.

A “Diet” might get you there, but then what happens?

The ProCoach program is a year long. You’ll do it slowly, and most importantly, you’ll do it right!

Come check out my personal ProCoach page to learn more about the program.

There you will find a video about the program, as well as amazing transformations from real people that took a year to focus on getting healthier, fitter and leaner than they ever thought possible.

Full Money Back Guarantee

This is the best Nutrition program on the market, hands down! I believe in it so much, that if you try it and don’t like it, we will refund every cent. I don’t think their are many Coaches out there that will offer you that kind of confidence in a program.

If you are in a tough financial situation, and $79.95 a month is well outside your budget, reach out to us anyway. We’ve been where you are, and we’ll do our best to work something out with you.

Come and see for yourself, your transformed body will thank you a year from now 🙂

All the Best, 


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